How to patch-test your skincare products?

Patch-testing is an important & commonly overlooked method that most fail to implement when introducing new skincare products.

This method allows you to gauge & therefore, ascertain which products works with your skin and not against it.

Here, we have outlined a simple method on how to execute your own patch testing.


Apply a small amount of product onto a clean area of the upper forearm.


Allow it to dry & leave it for 24 hours while maintaining close observation of the area.


If any redness, burning sensation, itchiness, blisters or irritation is felt or observed at any point throughout, refrain from using the product completely. Continue use if no adverse reaction is observed!

Please note that while patch testing is a necessary method before incorporating new products in your skincare routine to prevent any negative initial reaction, it does not guarantee similar reactions to other parts of the body including the face or after continuous use. It is not meant to diagnose any underlying skin conditions (e.g. allergic contact dermatitis). If you are hesitant or concerned about a new product, kindly refer to a dermatologist prior to use.