The story



Like a play on the word serious, get it?
But a major part of why we named it SIRIUS was because of the literal star, SIRIUS!
As part of the Canis Major constellation, this star is known to be the brightest star due to its innate luminosity in
the sky.
Fitting name for a serum packed with powerhouse brightening ingredients spearheaded by our premium
ingredient, STELLIGHT TM to combat post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) while restoring the skin’s natural

ingredient behind siriusly bright

A vitamin known for its verifiable beneficial effects on skin. (Vitamin B3)

Improves skin elasticity & epidermal barrier function, acts as an antioxidant & depigmentation agent.

A type of enzymatic and naturally occurring exfoliant, a milder alternative to Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Aids in fortifying skin barrier

In the form of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. A stable Vitamin C derivative.

Powerful antioxidant by eliminating free radicals & possesses skin-brightening properties.

Also known as Acetyl-Hexapeptide 1, an innovative creation of a synthetic hexapeptide.

The main contributor to overall skin’s luminosity by inhibiting the three-way communication between cells causing hyperpigmentation.

How is SIRIUSLY BRIGHT different from other brightening serums?

This serum incorporates a smart creation of a premium ingredient called STELLIGHT TM. A synthetic hexapeptide which helps to reduce melanin production where it counts & has a novel approach to the process of melanogenesis. Combined with powerhouse ingredients such as Vitamin C & Niacinamide, which can further aid in depigmentation.


Was it a challenge to formulate with unstable ingredients such as Vitamin C adding it with Niacinamide?

Contrary to popular beliefs, Vitamin C can be mixed with Niacinamide.

We used an alkaline base of Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) which is more stable than pure ascorbic acid. Through vigorous and countless testing, we were able to achieve a stable formulation that was conducive for both ingredient while yearning greatest efficacy.

Is it safe for everyday use?


Just a reminder to always patch-test first. Click here for an in-depth patch testing guide

The Newdtral Agenda

An agenda that explores topics centered around skincare & human experiences

Skin neutrality

The state of acknowledging & owning the innate beauty that comes with your skin.

What does skin neutrality mean you?


Well, what is skin neutrality?

Skin neutrality is the state of acknowledging & owning the innate beauty that comes with your skin.The difference between skin neutrality & skin positivity is…

Skin positivity often talks about being confident in your skin no matter the flaws. Skin neutrality takes this a step further. An extension of skin positivity, neutrality simply means owning the power over your skin. Essentially, making the right decisions for your skin.

The beauty behind skin neutrality is the fact that it possesses different interpretations & meanings depending on your experience.



I am 23 this year & an owner of 3 cats!

To me, skin is the largest organ in my body, so I prefer to provide it with lots of love & tender loving care.Most importantly, it is my identity & I am proud to be embracing my golden brown skin!Skincare was personal & I had different phases when it came to it. An instance was when I was going through a breakup which led to some serious breakouts. On top of that, I was also experiencing hormonal imbalance which eventually affected my mental health. 2020 was a year full of changes & surprises such as the pandemic, however, I used this as an opportunity to better my skin & started seeing skincare as part of self-care routine everyday. The reason why I think we should embrace skin realness & neutrality is because from someone who has experienced their fair share of skin woes, I was reminded that when we divert our focus on what our skin need rather than going for what’s trendy on TikTok, for example (which is not wrong), then we are being truthful with the state of our skin, allowing ourselves to provide the neccessary care & love for it to improve & glow.


My name is Ayesha. I am a 19 year old college student.

I give so much importance to my skin because it is what healed my mind from within. Going from absolutely hating the way I look to acceptance. What my skin has taught me was to be strong, patient & to be in tune with my body & practice the act of self-love.My first onset of acne started when I was 16. Acne really upset the way I viewed myself & the criticism that came with it did not help at all. I started my skincare on a note to fix my skin with DIYs & slathering my skin with get this! BENZOYL PEROXIDE just to achieve clear skin The skin positivity community is real & with all their love, I went from trying to fix my skin with skincare to a form of self-love. Now, I enjoy doing my skincare routine & feel like it is a one on one time with my skin where I can feel every spot & imperfection but the difference is… I EMBRACE IT WITH LOVE! The image of crystal clear skin is a false idea that companies have been feeding us for a long time to market their products, As a result, they have created this toxic beauty standard.That is why skin realness & the state of neutrality is important so people do not feel the need to fix the way they look or to think that something is wrong with them. It is important so that they fall in love with they way they look & not romanticize the person they think they should look like.